Whilst SEEDEC 2016 is free to attend, we are kindly asking participants to consider donating a small amount to help cover attendance costs. The average donation is 38 USD and helps cover the cost of food/drinks for one person. With a larger donation, you can help support current students who are attending the conference, but are unable to make donations on their budget.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Many thanks to those who have already donated:

  • Alex Armand
  • Catalina Franco
  • Andreas Friedl
  • Kerstin Grosch
  • Elina Halonen
  • Mercy Kano
  • Rebecca Kelley
  • James Konow
  • Daniel Mellow
  • Josepa (Pepita) Miquel Florensa
  • Annika Mueller
  • Kiera Olson
  • Susannah Orkin
  • Sudeep Ramnani
  • Zachary Rodriguez
  • Anja Tolonen
  • Michael Walker
  • Katharina Werner
  • Marc Willinger
  • Miroslav Zajicek
  • Xuejing Sharon Zuo